Gypsum Drywall Partition Submission in Dubai

This document outlines the submission for gypsum drywall partitions for the [Project Name] project in Dubai. It details the specifications, materials, and installation procedures for the drywall partitions.


Type of Gypsum Board: [Specify the type of gypsum board, e.g., standard, moisture-resistant, fire-resistant] Thickness: [Specify the thickness of the gypsum board, e.g., 12.5mm, 15mm] Stud Spacing: [Specify the stud spacing, e.g., 400mm, 600mm] Framing Material: [Specify the framing material, e.g., galvanized steel studs, wood studs] Joint Treatment: [Specify the type of joint treatment, e.g., paper tape, fiberglass mesh] Finishing: [Specify the type of finishing, e.g., paint, wallpaper, texture] 3. Materials

Gypsum board as per specifications
Metal studs or wood studs as per specifications
Track channels and wall angles
Screws and nails
Joint compound
Joint tape or mesh
Finishing materials (paint, wallpaper, etc.)
4. Installation Procedures

Installation of metal or wood studs according to the specified spacing.
Attachment of track channels and wall angles to the floor, ceiling, and adjoining walls.
Installation of gypsum boards to the studs using screws or nails.
Sealing of joints with joint compound and tape or mesh.
Sanding of joints and application of additional coats of joint compound as needed.
Application of the chosen finishing material (paint, wallpaper, etc.).
5. Quality Control

All materials used shall comply with the relevant Dubai Municipality standards and specifications.
Installation shall be carried out by qualified and experienced personnel.
Regular inspections will be conducted throughout the installation process to ensure compliance with the specifications.
A final inspection shall be performed upon completion of the installation to verify proper workmanship and quality.
6. Additional Information

[Include any additional information specific to the project, such as fire-rated assemblies, soundproofing requirements, or special details.] 7. Attachments

[Attach any relevant drawings, specifications, or product data sheets.] Please note: This is a general template and may need to be modified to suit the specific requirements of your project. It is recommended to consult with a qualified architect, engineer, or contractor for detailed specifications and installation procedures.

Gypsum Drywall Partition Submission in Dubai