Top 6 Upcoming Exhibitions in Frankfurt, Germany in 2024-2025

Frankfurt is located in the center of Europe, which means many people, who come here to join exhibitions 2024, come from different European countries. Fortunately, a well-developed transportation network with railways and an airport facility make it simple and economical to get to any corner of the city. If you are planning to exhibit or attend any exhibition in Frankfurt, here are the top six upcoming exhibitions in Frankfurt 2024, with exhibition stand builders in Frankfurt.

1- Automechanika (10 to 14 September 2024, Messe Frankfurt)

Automechanika is the world’s biggest trade show for 2024, for the automotive trade industry which is attended by 175 countries annually. Taking place on the 10-14 September, It serves as the best destination for the automobile industries, workshops and commerce across the world. Automechanika reveals itself as the prime exhibition that is committed to professionals in the automotive repair field and to technological advancements. Here, you can witness exciting inventions, have meaningful interactions with the driving forces in the sector, and learn about new technologies and the trends that are emerging in the automotive world.

2- Sibos (29 September to 2 October, 2025)

Sibos is organized by SWIFT, a global provider of secure financial messaging services. Sibos is regarded as the annual event, exhibition and networking meet specifically designed for the financial market sector. This event brings together industry leaders from many business sectors and from other branches of the financial field. The Sibos conference focuses on elite speakers, insightful sessions, collaborative partnerships, and networking opportunities. Sibos is the best platform to steer the future direction towards the financial sector.

3- Eurobike (3 to 7 July 2024, Messe Frankfurt, Frankfurt)

EUROBIKE Frankfurt is the most reputed exhibition in Frankfurt 20204 for bikes and the future automobile world. Happening on 3rd-7th July ’24, this show hosts exhibitors from different fields covering sectors like energy, travel, sports and leisure, health services and automotive. It will be an event full of networking possibilities where participants will have a chance to learn from each other, get new perspectives and develop new partnerships that will lead to new business innovations in the motorcycle sector. The people attending the event generally come from different sectors, not only financial & politics, but also mobility industry or other sectors.

3- Formnext (19 to 22 November 2024 Frankfurt Fair, Frankfurt)

Formnext is the biggest 3D printing trade show in 2024 ,with the sole purpose of bringing together producers and manufacturers from all categories in the printing industry. This expo in Frankfurt will be the showground for personal interaction as well as a viewpoint for the latest solutions in the whole 3D printing process chain. At Formnext 2024, more than 800 exhibitors will be available displaying their high-quality services in additive manufacturing to over 30,000 visitors. The supporting program at Formnext provides a pool of information regarding the latest developments and future prospects in AM.

4- Fi Europe (19 to 21 November 2024, Messe Frankfurt)

Fi Europe is a well-renowned event that already holds the key position in the industry of food and beverages worldwide. The upcoming trade show of 2024 gives us the chance to be a part of the elite showcase of new manufacturers and product innovations of the same industry. Taking the lead of the platform, it showcases state-of-the-art components, technologies and answers for manufacturing of nutritious and quality pet food products. The event serves as the platform that connects food and beverage ingredient businesses who have the needed resources to pave the way for businesses to develop and grow. Having gathered more than 500 000 visitors during its time the event has attracted hundreds of the latest products and services for demonstration.

5- Ambiente (07 February – 11 February, 2025)

Ambiente is the frontrunner and also the most valued international consumer goods trade fair show. Ambiente is known for supplying goods ranging from general offers to equipment and methods in the home sector.. Being at the fair you can see a nice variety of household items which are adapted for various living spaces and interior trends.. Ambience comes with a great level of output that results in increased interaction, synergy and also possible collaboration.

With the leading shows being held in Frankfurt 2024-2025, it is the beginning of a journey of industry and innovation. This world of possibilities is just a step away, get ready to be inspired and amazed at the Frankfurt 2024-2025 trade shows and exhibitions. Contact an experienced exhibition stand contractor in Frankfurt and Europe who can give the exhibitors a chance to achieve more and make the global exhibition memorable.

Top 6 Upcoming Exhibitions in Frankfurt, Germany in 2024-2025